Case Study: Studytracks

High-school aged boys are 50% more likely to fail exams and classes than their female classmates. This is often referred to as the “reverse gender gap.” School boards and institutions worldwide are trying to address the problem, but what about the boys struggling today?

The Background

When award-winning music producer George Hammond-Hagen saw his son struggling to prepare for a big physics exam, he took action. His idea? Mash up what kids are into (music) with what they need to be more into (school). We built the mobile technology platform that makes Studytracks a reality… by turning homework, into lyrics, over a beat.

The Platform

We built the app, and the back-end infrastructure that allows 250,000+ students and teachers to create and access over 1,000 tracks covering 55 subjects – from astronomy to trigonometry. The mobile app reached #1 on the iTunes App Store education chart.

The platform has been created with students and their teachers in mind. The experience for teachers centers around their syllabus, and enables teachers to easily create, curate, and share Studytracks for their classes. For students, the interface feels more like fun, and less like school. We re-imagined the class curriculum through Tracks and Playlists, that are easily shareable with classmates.

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