Case Study: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Being innovative doesn’t always mean crafting something from scratch. Sometimes the most impactful and inventive campaigns evolve from our prior innovations. In 2017, on the 32nd anniversary of the catastrophic Mexico City earthquake – which killed 10,000 people – a 7.1 magnitude quake again rocked the capital city. People needed help and people wanted to help. And within 48 hours, we came up with a way to connect them.

The Execution

Our Mexico team wanted to help their fellow citizens, 250k of whom were now homeless. Their quick-thinking solution? Adapt the award-winning Meu Lugar No Rio online hosting platform that our Brazil team created to help 30,000 Olympic volunteers find free accommodations. (In partnership with Brooklyn Brothers, a sister IPG agency.)

The Results

In just 48 hours, the platform was refined to match displaced individuals in need of housing with residents opening homes to them. At no cost to anyone. Hundreds of people secured temporary lodging via Mi Casa es Tu Casa.

More than 90 media outlets covered the story, reaching 8.9 million people. The platform was just adapted to help more than 3,000 displaced people from Guatemala, after the Volcán de Fuego eruption. In the future, it will be upgraded to respond to other natural disasters in the region.

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