Media Genius:
The Study Guide

Dig deeper into the territories shaping modern media. The second edition of the Media Genius Study Guide builds on the essential themes outlined in our newsletter, with in-depth examples and access to hundreds of hours of independent learning resources.

What’s covered in the study guide?

Last year, we introduced the inaugural Media Genius Study Guide to help business leaders navigate breaks in media conventions. This interactive resource is intended to help users understand and adapt to disruptive changes impacting PR and marketing.

Our 2020 edition highlights five territories critical for communicators in the next 12-18 months. Each is brought to life with real-world examples, implications for businesses and a carefully curated selection of classes from innovative institutions worldwide.

The Study Guide is designed as both a primer and a resource to allow for deep-dives. We hope it piques your curiosity and gives you fluency in the new elements of modern media and communications, especially during such a turbulent time.

    This Year’s Territories Include:

  • 1.

    Media Intelligence

    Companies are balancing risk and reward using sharp storytelling considerations combined with analytics techniques that unearth how media is created, discovered, shared and consumed.

  • 2.


    A more modern and inclusive definition of culture helps business leaders identify authentic ways to create growth, advantage and opportunity amidst fluid societal change.

  • 3.

    New Influence

    Today’s complex and fragmented influencers landscape calls for the identification of critical stakeholders who drive value across shifting platforms and communities.

  • 4.

    Modern Content Canvas

    In today’s playform-centric world, experimentation with diverse media formats helps tell stories that break through and avoid adding to the noise.

  • 5.

    Data Ethics

    As data continues to promise unparalleled consumer insight and access, companies are using new approaches to navigate the potential pitfalls of a hyper-customized, on-demand world.

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