Case Study: Excedrin

Most migraine attacks happen at work. Research revealed that 1 in 5 work related migraines are met with ridicule and judgement from coworkers. Leading to 81% of migraine sufferers choosing to suffer in silence rather than explain their condition to their coworkers. We were tasked with challenging the bias against migraine sufferers in a professional environment, and approached it through an immersive VR and content campaign.

The Execution

We took a documentarian approach to the problem. We worked with three migraine sufferers from distinct professional environments to delve into their stories. We then re-created migraine experiences in 360 video for their co-workers to watch:

Meet Han:As a migraine sufferer, Han’s workplace bombards him daily with triggers. The 24-hour shifts are high-stress situations with blaring sirens and flashing lights. Han knows he’s experiencing a migraine when he feels a sharp pain behind his eyes that alters his vision. “It just makes you want to curl up and wish it all went away,”.

We launched the campaign with a suite of supporting editorial content on owned and promoted channels that guides the community of migraine sufferers on the best ways to share their experiences with coworkers. We brought our story to the masses by enlisting influential storytellers in earned media and encouraged empathy in the workplace for migraine sufferers, starting in our own offices.

The Results

Excedrin embraced immersive 360 technology to help people truly understand what it’s like to have a migraine at work. And the campaign delivered. Excedrin saw a 41% lift in brand favorability in our target audience… a 38% increase in branded searches for Excedrin… 375 million earned media impressions… and saw a 22% increase in sales year-over-year.

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