Case Study: 72 Hour Cabin

Nature travel is booming. But unimpressive Swedish nature can’t compete with the dramatic, insta-famous landscape and adventures found next door. Or can it?

The Execution

For Visit Sweden, we transcended the traditional country marketing campaign and recast Sweden from a destination to a remedy.

Enter The Cabin Cure:

Stress is considered the global health epidemic of the century. So we set out to prove that spending 72 hours in Swedish nature could reduce stress – framing Sweden as the perfect escape for busy urbanites.

Our researchers identified 5 subjects whose jobs are considered highly stressful – police officer, journalist, taxi driver, broadcaster and event coordinator – and invited them to spend three days in a glass-walled, custom-crafted cabin in the Swedish countryside. We closely monitored their systolic blood pressure, pulse and stress levels throughout.

The Results

Hello Sweden, goodbye stress. Our data, and the resulting mini-documentary, revealed that participants’ stress decreased by an incredible 70%! Blood pressure and pulse rate decreased, with subjects also citing an increase in creativity and well-being.

Media coverage ranged from Fast Company to Conde Nast Traveler, and topped 700 million impressions.

The campaign was so successful, Visit Sweden created prefabricated versions of the Cabin, allowing entrepreneurs to place them across the country and rent them out.

We didn’t just say that spending 72 hours in Swedish nature reduced stress. We proved it – to the tune of 700 million impressions.

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